Friday, October 12, 2007

Three Months

Balin turned three months old officially this week. He is starting to get very alert and interested. He tries to focus so hard sometimes his eyes cross! Ayden is doing better in school. I think he is finally settling in a little bit. I hope we can find a way to keep him in this class until this year is over. I think it will be an easier adjustment if we change schools after the school year is over. He is starting to figure out phonetics which is so much fun. He can tell you what letter almost any word starts with now based on its sound. (As long as its a simple sound). Lucas is waiting on the police department to finish his background check. He still has to meet with a psychologist, get a full physical and pass a polygraph test. There is a rumor he would start the academy December 10th if all goes well. I never knew it was so difficult to become an officer. It looks like we will be all be doing quite a bit of traveling in the next few weeks.

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