Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Just to fill in some blanks.... We decided to go ahead and enroll Ayden in Public school pre-kindergarten. After the first two months of being home all the time we realized that the change from having a classroom full of friends ALL day every day to having just mommy and baby wasn't working very well for Ayden. So we enrolled him in public school, which has some of its own very big downfalls. His class is huge! Plus his teacher is pregnant due in a couple of weeks, so there will not really be consistency there. As soon as Lucas starts the academy I will find a job and apartment closer to Houston. When we make those decision then we will be moving again.... Hopefully we will find a community we can grow into. We are all really ready to start growing some deeper roots. We found a church we really like and that has lots of ministry opportunities for us in the Woodlands. The decision we will have to make is if the Woodlands is to far north if Lucas is working downtown. That choice will come later.....

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