Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Simply losing...

Weight :). It works y'all. Weight watchers meetings member here. Happily on my fourth month and learning some new patterns in my life. After getting a bit off track with the end of summer, I'm back on and have lucked into three happy accident meals in a row. So ill share, but remember these are not those fancy "tested" recipes real bloggers use. Ha! This it how I cook y'all. A bit of this. And a bit of that and we will see what happens ;). 

Masala goulash
Ingredients: 2 cups dry mini penne pasta
2 cups Ground beef/ ground turkey
1 jar Trader joes masala simmer sauce
2 cups green peas

Simmer ground beef/turkey in the masala and then add cooked pasta. Add in peas and cook till warmed through. Devour. 
Approx 9 pts a cup 

Chicken sausage succotash
4 cups frozen corn
2 tbs butter
5 links chicken sausage ( ours comes from sams)
2 cups frozen peas
4 apples chopped tiny

Slice sausage and sauté in butter. ( yum-o). When cooked through ( ours has bits of cheese so its done when the cheese melts) add in corn and apples and cook till corn starts to turn golden and apples are soft. Add in peas and cook till warm. Season to taste. 
Approx 7 pts a cup

This one isn't really a recipe but a product. HEB ( a local grocery chain) was demonstrating this hatch chili stew as part of another recipe so I bought a jar. The jar says to mix with cooked ground beef and simmer. So I did. So delicious. Only 4 pts a cup, so guess who ate two :). 

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