Saturday, July 27, 2013

A quick project

I have some BIG changes in my life on the way. I'm not ready to post about that yet, but I will tell you it involves jewelry... LOTS of beautiful jewelry. I need a display for it and saw versions of this cork frame from friends and on websites. I can pin earrings to the cork and it still looks beautiful.  This is my version of a couple of them and how I did it:

Project: framed cork jewelry display
Open back frames
Foam core
Cork squares or sheets
Hot glue
Fabric ( I used good quality tea dyed muslin)

Using exacto knife, scissors or rotary cutter cut cork to size of frame opening, cut foam core to size of glass for frame. Cut fabric a couple inches wider on each side. Lay down fabric, place cork down, then foam core. Wrap fabric to the back and secure with painters tape.

Make a hot glue seam around frame opening and place fabric bundle into opening, making sure cork fits into frame opening and makes a snug fit so it looks nice and smooth in the front. Cut away extra material on the back and remove tape. Fold down sides of fabric and secure with hot glue.

If you want, cut a piece of fabric just bigger then the mess on the back of the frame and hot glue it down. Mine got prettied up with lace from my box of fabric scraps my Gramma left for me.

                               {I love that I get to have a little piece of her in this new endeavor.}

Your frame is ready, enjoy! 

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