Friday, December 21, 2012

Advent Cuties

I could post tonight about the sweet birthday party for a three year old we were graciously invited to today, or I could tell you about my obsessive house hunting, but instead here are a few of the crazy sweet things that my children have been overheard saying or doing this week...

Silas: singing "holy night, Ho-o-ly night, hooooooly night" while playing on his first act dulcimer would melt even jack frosts' heart. He also sings "ingle ells, ingle ells."

while looking at houses yesterday Silas led me into a master bathroom and said "look! mommy pee-pee"

A visual cutie memory, my sweet one has been learning to put his shoes and socks on. We need a little practice.
he cant count to two now, and points at letters and says random letter like sounds, but my favorite thing he counts are his lovies- which he calls uh-ohs. "two uh-ohs mama. go bye, TWO uh-ohs"

Balin: After rejecting a shortbread cookie (you know the fancy kind you buy at the dollar store) he says "I'm allergic to coconut. I went to the beach with my great great grandfather and we saw lots of coconuts and they made my stomach hurt. I'm allergic." he has no living great great grandparents.

During our advent reading a few nights ago "Jesus just makes sense." (can I get an Amen?!)

Although it is very hard to express over the Internet, Balins absolute joy every time he finds Ezrietta in a new spot is hilarious, and my favorite thing to wake up to every day. Yesterday he straight up squealed... "SHE BRUSHED HER TEEEEEEEEEETH!!!!"

Ayden: Ayden has suddenly become a pre-teen and is not fond of me sharing. So I'll show you instead. Ill have you know he VOLUNTEERED and auditioned to be a dance partner, and was paired with the girl he says is the "most seen"... I think thats 4th grade speak for popular. She is also very tall. I could not hold back the tears watching my first born babe sing in his first school choir performance. He loved it and did SUCH a great job. I am trying not to bombard him with my own choir stories and instead let this be his own.. but man... I would love for him to fall in love with choral music like I did.
Ayden is on the top Row third from the right and then danced in the very middle. He's the cutie with the 50's hair and letter jacket.

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