Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A real life unfabled email from this tired wife to her husband.

------------Original Message------------
Subject: Wife replacement

This is a notice to inform you that your wife has been replaced by a mom bot robot. She might look the same but all of her mental faculties have relocated to a small island in the south pacific. She is currently receiving a hot stone massage in a private beachside villa with pina coladas and hand made pinterest desserts beside her. She most certainly did not just clean the entire contents of a dirty diaper off of two of her children, which was followed by a remake of the shower scene in psycho as mom bot removed the rest of the dirty diaper contents from the entire surface of the smallest child's body. Nor did your wife listen to a full out kicking and screaming tantrum that started in the towel aisle at target and lasted for an hour... Over a kernel of popcorn. When dinner tastes like cardboard And the sparkling clean house you saw yesterday is replaced by an episode of hoarders please consult the mom bot instruction manual. Take note: mom bot is set to auto off when you walk in the door. Good luck.

Ok. Just kidding. Maybe. Love you. Hope your day has been better than mine!

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