Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Here and Now.. and Where and When

It looks like Wednesday is the big day! Today the moving company surveyor came by to take inventory of our house. He answered some big questions and was very helpful. He also acted like we really don't have much to move. Good.. I think! The theory is that they will call Tuesday evening and tell me what time they will arrive Wednesday morning. On Wednesday the packers will get everything ready and the loaders will do their thing as well. We have yet to be given a date to expect our belonging to get "home" but I'm guessing since people keep saying "get us moved by the 22nd" that on Friday our stuff will get there. We hope! I'm planning on sticking around Thursday long enough for Aydens field trip to the news station (cool! wish I could go on it!) and then its adios College Station. I never ever ever in 1000 years, or at least my own 29 thought I would feel this good about Aggie Land and actually NOT want to leave. In high school I had such hostile feelings for A&M and actually all Texas public schools that I crossed three three state lines to get to Colorado.  I am so grateful that God blessed me with deep enough friendships here that I am sad to leave them. The Michael W smith song "Friends" came on earlier and as old and sappy and cliche as it had become.. I listened to it... and teared up. Oh New Life you have blessed us. What a sweet sweet family you have and we are grateful to have been a part of it. And my lovely Aggie friends... I'm kinda sorta starting to get it. There is something special here. It isnt the creepy chants or obnoxious traditions or really stupid code words for warnings. (Seriously.. if you want people to know theres a tornado.. try TORNADO warning. Then we might actually pay attention).  It isnt the hoity toity academics.. although we know you all ARE certainly smarty pants. Nope.. all of that is beyond me. Its something about character. Something I cant even get my head around. Its the young men at the hair salon who dont even flinch when my two year old tries to climb in their lap to read a magazine. Its the cashiers at the grocery store.. who actually help. (It isnt any of you driving. You all are really really bad and scary drivers). Its the gals who want to help and get to know you and your kids (without being paid to do so). Its the students who live in every house behind me that I never ever hear. (Thank you for letting families sleep). And even though I find the color choice an almost painful shade of.. what is that anyway? I will miss you all. Especially the New Life aggies. From now on I consider myself a loyal Aggie fan sympathiser. And made one tiny purchase of indoor only clothing for my children.. not myself... to prove it :-).

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