Thursday, August 19, 2010


Tomorrow is week 35. Meaning in roughly 4-5 weeks, or less... I'll be holding baby Sprout. In my arms.. not my belly. There is so much left to do so I have begun the process of making lists. Lists of things to clean, places to go, people to call. Lists of things I need for baby care, for nursing. Lists of groceries, and bills so I can take care of life without thinking when the baby is here. Lists of doctors, lists of things to keep the big boys busy, happy and feeling involved. I am also including my netflix que on my list of lists because hey.. even mamas need a break from reality.

Mr. Simply has another interview next week. Thats all I'm saying. Its up to God and right now all I can focus on is getting Eagle to school next week. Which brings up another lists... school supplies. How would I fit an entire other category of lists into my world right now if he got this job and we had to start planning a move? So for now... I'll focus on the cleaning list. And the happy children list. And, of course, the Netflix.

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  1. you're so funny! I updated my netflix que before going to the hospital and I have yet to watch any of the movies. You'll probably have more luck because you already have being a mama to more than 1 baby down to a science