Thursday, April 15, 2010

I've missed you old friend

it has been months since I woke up and felt like having a cup of coffee. Months since morning was anything other than miserable. The past few weeks have been improving and I've even made a couple runs to the coffee shop. Yesterday though after having my drink remade twice and still not walking away with what I ordered I realized I needed to be reaquainted with an old friend. I know it's just a coffee maker. But this companion has seen me through some tough moments. It encourages me helps me stay calm and often helps me turn to the Lord. A coffee maker? Haven't I made an idol? There's been lots of talk in my life group at church lately about how to go deeper with our walk. For me a big key into that is habit. I love curling up. In the morning with a cup of coffee and my bible in a favorite spot. In LA that was on our tiny patio in my chair. I haven't had that here yet and I've struggled. Now I know that being dependent on coffee for my quiet times is s bad thing. But my quiet times have struggled for many more reasons than a cup of coffee. Today we started the routine again and it feels nice. My friend and I. Nice to see you again.

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