Thursday, August 13, 2009

because it isnt all about me...

I blog. I facebook. I write about what I eat, where I go, everything I do. I watched my wedding video the other day with my husband and on it my brother in law toasted us, or roasted me, and tease me somewhat mercilessly about my scrapbooking the tiniest details of my life. Its so true though. I think you should think its important what I saw in the street this morning or what my child said after he hit his brother or what ingredients went into my dinner. But I know it isnt. Over the past few months I felt overwhelmingly selfish. I was so excited to find a church to really plug into, to grow deeper with. (Grace has an amazing community and if you are seeking a church family here in Shreveport Bossier its so worth the drive from any part of town!) I was seriously disapointed when Lucas lost his job and suddenly the conversations returned to being all about me.. or my family. I'm tired of talking about me. So lets talk about someone else:-). Or lots of someone elses.
Lets start with all the babies born in my circle of family friends and aquaintances this week! Happy birthdays to the families of Adam, a cousin, Hudson, a friend, Gracie, a niece of a friend that we've been praying for, Harper, an aquaintance and someone who has a blog I follow because they live a fun and exciting life for Jesus.. and sometimes I need to be reminded that Jesus IS fun AND exciting (even when MY life isnt). And there are those who are expecting.... Theres my own sister Lizzie due anytime, my friend Maggie, my friend Sherri, Ayden's Aunt Kristin, and my sweet friend Becky who is the furthest away from her baby at the moment as she is in the starting stages of an adoption.
I have been reading on all these facebook pages about moms who got through labor.. lots of it.. with no pain meds. And while I am so impressed and proud of them, I think what Becky is about to go through is even more admirable. I've been preggo. Twice. It stunk. I loved the closeness of my baby, but the reality is 9 months of puking, pain and discomfort are not fun. Joyfull yes, but not fun. and then you have to give birth. not. fun. But neither is a year to two years of paperwork, sleepless nights and expectation of a baby being born accross the world. Born into a world of poverty and disease and pain. A baby who will wait while you wait for people. People who have to sign paper and pass paper and make more paper. Paper that can allow or prevent you from bringing home your child. A child you were born to love. I pray for Becky's baby. Its surreal knowing that her baby is quite probably allready conceived. Allready with a beating heart, growing every day. You are going to see lots about Becky and her jouney on here because I think its important to share. There are SO MANY babies and children around the world, and here in the US that will never know a mothers love. And most of us do nothing. My sister went through this journey to bring home my niece and learned so much. Most of all I learned how hard this is for the adoptive family and especially the mommy to be. So while I celebrate the birth of all these beautiful babies and the triumph that is the end of a pregnancy, I pray for my friend. I pray for her baby. HEREis why she is starting this journey. For as long as I have known Becky I have known that someday she would adopt. She would do for a child.. or more.. what Christ has done for His people. We are lost and broken, born into a world of spiritual poverty. There is nothing we can do to fix it. There is no health care plan we will all agree on. No president who will make us all get along. There is a rescuer. There is someone who reaches into this world where we murder infants and steal from our children. A world where women are sold to satify the lusts of men across the globe and buisness men steal from the pockets of the poor. A world where young boys are raised to hate. and to hate with bombs. A world where we cant even wait patiently at a stop light anymore. We are grafted into the branches of His vine. We are brought into His fountain of life. We are rescued. For His glory. I find so much peace in knowing that it doesnt matter what I write or what I tell you or if you care Because really, it never was all about me.

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  1. Oh, Emily, you bless me.
    Thank you for your kind words and your support. It means so much.