Sunday, July 19, 2009

quick updates

We ARE moving unless God provides a last minute miracle. Mom has our rooms ready and we've given notice to the apartment. Moving day is August 15th. Our belongings that are not necessary to life will be moving into a local storage unit until we know where we will be living after. After what? I dont know.

My "office" is now a storage room full of boxes and my computer is in my bedroom. I will either never be on it or be on it all the time. Will let you know.

Boys got matching adorable haircuts today. Both got spikey hair.

Balin seems to have a new hydrocele. going to the doctor on wednesday. Please pray that surgery wont be necessary. (I have a feeling it will be.)

Ayden will start Wilkin$on Elementary on August 25th. I'm very bummed that I wont be able to homeschool, but know that maybe someday down the line I'll be able to homeschool Balin and other children I may have. In the meantime Mama will be looking for a job.

Got to go see Harry Potter at the midnight opening with my husband thanks to a new friend who came over to babysit. She rocks and Potter was fun. So was being the oldest people in the theatre. We got seats together only because (aparently) young high school students obey almost any motherly type of person who tells them to scoot down a seat.

We still love our Church. I breath it in. Can I bottle you? Maybe I'll steal some paint chips from the basement to hang onto. I'm praying for this family, that you will continue to grow and nurture one another in this amazing life changing way. Thanks for being real.

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  1. You do not know what can happen and just because Ayden is going to school now does not mean you won't ever be able to homeschool him! Take each year as it comes.