Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bedrooms, babies, picnics and books and baking

I'm a lame blogger, I've said that before so here is a quick.. sorta.. update on everything we've been doing. Ayden spent a week in Colorado two weeks ago. While he was gone we redecorated his and B's room. We dropped him off at the airport, delivering him into Ehren's care and then headed directly to Ikea. I will admit my husband was more excited than I was. We were easily pursuaded to buy a loft style bunk bed, thats mid height so as not to be too scary should Ayden fall. I had seen this in the catalougue and never thought to put a bed under it, but thats how Ikea had it set up and voila. Perfect for my two small boys to get a great nights sleep. As for mattresses they are on air mattresses for the moment. We'll deal with that later. We then bought new cheap bookshelves at walmart and I painted the cardboard backing on them to match my awesome finds at Ross. We had no twin bedding so we had to go get sheets and blankets. Ross happened to have two matching Eric Carle sets, YAY! So my idea to bring some COLOR into their room fell into place perfectly. After some painted letters and rearanging we have this:

Babies: I have become a bit focused on reading blogs about sick babies. I'm not sure what to do with that. I'm thinking a prayer blog may be in the works. I've prayed for Stellan and Jonah for two weeks now. Along with thousands of others. It gets me thinking... these two are like celebrity babies now.. what about the hundreds of other babies. Maybe babies whos mamas dont have the blogging bug. They need to be prayed for too. They need their financial needs met as well. Typing my thoughts.. maybe March of Dimes would be a good place to start. For now. Keep Praying for these two.
Pic-nics: We went to a church picnic this Sunday with our new Friends at Grace. We are so excited to be developing relationships. Lucas went to lunch with someone yesterday and is playing ultimate frisbee tonight. I'll ne joinging a ladies book study group soon when they start their next book. We are still going to our old small group and are perfectly happy with that! We love being able to meet once a week without our kids with grownups for dinner and conversation prayer and a peek into the Word.
Books: I was talked into reading the Twilight "saga". While on one hand I feel I am completely wasting my time.. on the other I'm quite interested. but still annoyed. Vampires. Seriously?
Baking: I made my first Challah. Lucas wants to keep Kosher, somewhat at least, for Passover starting next week so I pulled out my Jewish cookbook. (Which I bought back in college to have on hand to impress him...) Ayden and I made bagels.. turned out ok.. a bit doughy and I made my first loaves of Challah. The first one was too big and split in the middle and seemed really dry. The second two (i split the dough in half) turned out better. I used honey in the egg wash at the end instead of sugar and on one I put sweet spices like rosemary and lots of kosher salt. Yum. We had homeade chicken parmesean in the sandra lee semi-homeade style and our yummy hot Challah. I learned a lesson about God while I was baking, but that's another post! Here are some other recent pictures since I have been hiding from my blog...

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  1. I just have to say that I'm glad to have found someone who feels the same way I did about the Twilight books. I read the whole series. I liked them. Didn't LOVE them. But was compelled to keep reading strictly by my curiosity. In the end, it was entertaining and I was thrilled to move on to something else when they were all done. Somehow, it doesn't surprise me that you seem to be having the same experience. You are my kindred book-spirit, I think.