Monday, June 2, 2008

Bad days happen

So today was awful. An Alexander and the very bad day awful.
I couldnt get my car registered because Lucas is out of town and apparently we BOTH have to be there to sign something. Whatever. PLUS the form they told me I could get signed so I could avoid the road usage fees here (10 percent of the value of the car!) can NOT be used to avoid the road usage fees.(thanks for the notary and extra work dad, maybe I can frame it or something). Found all this out after waking the kids up early, making breakfast, getting everyone out the door and dressed BEFORE 8:45 am. THEN driving 30 minutes, having to stop and go into the bank (carrying Balin who had a fever)because the ATM was broken. Sheesh. Then I thought I would go visit with some friends, but no one came until I had to leave to get to my eye appointment. (I could really have used some girl time). AT my eye appointment the Doctor spent all of three minutes with me constantly asking if I remembered my prescription (because it would really help to know)and telling me how much money his oil wells make. Good for him. I personally am in contacts now that I'm fairly sure are a bit too strong. THEN! In line leaving wal mart some thick accented (swedish or something)red faced jerk decides to poke jokes at my children and comment to me "I see you have One big boy and one little one, but I can tell you arent done. Youve been busy!" (insert silent gasp)then continuing "Are you waiting on a boy or a girl?" I was waiting for the stupid line to end so I could run screaming! Now I know i'm curvy but sheesh... I've lost 30 pounds and no I dont care that you have twin boys and your youngest daughter is six, or that toys get more expensive the older they get. (Yes this is all conversation he tried to hold with me). So to make my life easier and to feel better we went for a comfort burger where I accidentally ordered the wrong number and ended up with this gigantic double burger. AAHHH. So tonight i'm going to go say my prayers and go to sleep and hope tomorrow starts out a little better!

It better because in the morning I start work, or get another child... however you want to look at it. Isabella will be here at 7:00 and my life as a mom of two and caregiver of three begins!

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