Thursday, April 3, 2008

Balin is sick, AGAIN

So we just can not seem to get healthy around here. Balin was great yesterday, happy and friendly. Then he went to sleep. hard. Usually B wakes up by about 2 for a bottle. (I know shame on me). Last night he stayed asleep and at 9 this morning was still completely knocked out. When I woke him up I noticed he felt warm and sure enough 102. Yay for Lucas's job and YAY for no more medicaid. I called his doctor.. as in the same one he saw last time we went in and he ould see us, right then. Amazing. On medicaid it would have gone like this. Sick baby, go to doctor office, wait three hours, see either new doctor (most likely intern) or the nurse practitioner. Get immediate prescription for antibiotics and told to go home. IF not like last time I walked in and was told "we have no more doctors." So anyway, itwas really nice to have a sick baby and to be able to get medical treatment for him. He has a cold, and possibly an ear infection.

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