Thursday, August 9, 2007


We will be moving next tuesday or wednesday, just as soon as we get the apartment cleaned out and ready to go! We are very excited to be getting out of Denton, grateful for my parents hospitality but a little hesitant about Houston itself. Though planing a very intense Houston area job search we are also going to keep our eyes open for a more desireable location. Anyone with any science lab contacts in Colorado spring let us know!!! We would love to go back to where we met, to a state with four seasons! For now we are looking forward to getting our feet planted in Houston. This monday we went down and started getting our stuff settled. My parents very graciously cleared out their office for Aydens room. They had it painted a pretty blue color and Ayden's superman stuff matches perfectly. I am going to teach Ayden this fall so he can keep up with what he would be learning if we were to stay at Springbok. I most likely would have been teaching his age group this fall at Springbok so I'm excited to use the ideas I had then for him now. We have set up a little classroom space in his room and I have been pulling curriculum and lesson plans together. I am very excited and just hope Ayden will be excited about doing school with mommy as well! He is in colorado this week going camping for the first time. He called me today and told me he was making a present for Balin. What a sweet big brother. Next post we will be back in Houston! Here's to hopeing the Uhaul doesnt break down!

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